ATS Advantage 2 - Specification

Vitrified file / wooden flooring in complete flat except kitchen & bathroom where floor tiles of 1'X 1' or approximate size to be used. all staircases and common landing to be of marble.
Glazed / cermic tiles up to full height in bathing area and 4'6" where required in toilets and 2'0" height above kitchen slab in appropriate colour and paint.
Textured paint finish.
Oil bound distemper paint of appropriate colour on interior walls of the flat.
All kitchen slabs with granite polish, electrical points for washing machine and Fridge to be provided. Woodwork in the kitchen cabinets to be of 3/4th commercial plyboard with appropriate finish.
Flush doors with spirit polish / enamel point; with aluminum powder coated hardare fittings and Secure or equivalent make. Door frames and window panels of Champ / Kail / Sal / Assam Teakwood/ UPVC sections. Windows to have aluminum powder coated handles and T-Bolts. Size and section as per design of the architect. locks of
As per standard practice, all G.l. pipes to be painted with anti-corrosion paint prior to use. All C.l. joints to have molten lead hammered in to give watertight joints.
Parryware / Hindustan / Cera or equivalent washbasins and WCs (of apporpriate shades). all taps and fittings to be Grohe or equivalent make.
Electrical (copper) wirings to be as per l.S. Code. Anchor or equivalent modular switches with switch plates, circuits to to have M.C.B. of approved make. TV and telephone points will be provided in drawing, dining and all bedrooms.
Lifts to be provided for access to all floors.

Generator to be provided for backup of lifts & other common areas.

Underground water tanks with pump house and tube wells for uninterrupted supply of water.
Club with swimming pool to be provided.
Provision for optical fibre network; video surveillance system, perimeter security and entrance lobby security with CCTV cameras; fire prevention, suppression, detection & alarm system as per fire safety norms.
(Note : ATS reserves its right to change the area and specifications without prior notice; if the area differs at the time of possession, cost would be adjusted upwards or downwards, as the case may be. Variation in area shall not exceed 10%.)